Give cookies in a classic re-usable cookie tin or gift box! They come wrapped in designer cellophane and are topped off with a bow. Click here for details.

"I just wanted to say thank-you for delivering those awesome cookies to my husband yesterday. It made his week and increased his office popularity, which is a good thing, because he works in IT and has to deal with grumpy people all day. Thanks again and have a lovely day! Sincerely, Avril"

"Your products are delicious and I'm so glad you offer this delivery service! - Michelle"
FRESH BAKED COOKIES are waiting for you . . .

Welcome to COOKIES OF COURSE - how may we serve you?

Phone: 604-689-9792 or email:

  • All our cookies are made with:
    non-hydrogenated (trans fat free) vegetable shortening
    unbleached flour
  • All raisins are Certified Organic
  • For payment we accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA & MASTERCARD

Cookies of Course - Treating our customers well since 1984!

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