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"Cookies arrived and EVERYONE is thrilled... all said YUMMY and really, really good. Thank you! Your cookies and service made me thanking them sooooo simple and easy. YOU and your team ROCK! - Cathy"

"I just wanted to say thank-you for delivering those awesome cookies to my husband yesterday. It made his week and increased his office popularity, which is a good thing, because he works in IT and has to deal with grumpy people all day. Thanks again and have a lovely day! Sincerely, Avril"

"Your products are delicious and I'm so glad you offer this delivery service! - Michelle"
FRESH BAKED COOKIES are waiting for you . . .

Welcome to COOKIES OF COURSE - how may we serve you?

Cookies Of Course will be closed from Dec 24th until January 5th.

Alan the Head Cookie will be on a research expedition on a beach in Mexico gathering information on the best tropical foods and beverages to accompany cookies, of course! We look forward to be back baking for you on the 6th. You may place orders online in advance any time during our closure. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Cookies delivered!
Cookie Delivery Service

  • All our cookies are made with:
    non-hydrogenated (trans fat free) vegetable shortening
    unbleached flour
  • All raisins are Certified Organic

Have questions? Call us at 604-689-9792

Cookies of Course - Treating our customers well since 1984!

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